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Decentralized meme coin with DeFi features

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What is Flokimooni

Flokimooni is named from Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu, creating a full
attractive defi ecosystem with the most trendy features in crypto space : Mooni World. It’s a new cryptocurrency born by fans & members of the Shiba Inu community. More than this, it’s a MOVEMENT.

FLOKIMOONI has three flagship utility projects :

  • NFT gaming metaverse
  • NFT and  marketplace
  • Dex & Launchpad platform

Flokimooni combines utility and the power of a community, aims to be a top 100 crypto project, and plans to kickstart the next crypto revolution.

We call our community the Flokimoonies. We don’t just call ourselves a movement. We back it up with action. It’s why we are always in action to take the members of our community seriously, the Flokimoonies.With the power of our dedicated team and loyal holders Flokimooni can compete with any of the top tokens on the market. 


The new meme


Flokimooni Token is fully  decentralized.

This is the Dawn of a New Era of Meme Coins!

In this new world of meme tokens, Flokimooni stands out among the others and has already proven its steady organic growth. Over the first two months, we’ve earned community trust and continue on our path upward.


Why Choose Flokimooni Token?

The Flokimooni Token contract is verified and 100% of LP tokens have been locked. This means that no one can ever access the liquidity pool.

Flokimooni's Vision

Community Focused

Our dedicated community is a key member of our project and is involved in every single step.

Dedicated Management

We take very seriously our roadmap. Flokimooni is focused on development and delivery.

Stealth Launch

Flokimooni has been released after one week of social media campaign with no pre-sale. This gave to every investor a fair chance to get in on the ground floor.

How to Buy

1. Install Trust wallet

Install Trust Wallet on your phone or desktop and follow instructions carefully to create your Smart Chain wallet.

2. Deposit BNB to Trust Wallet

After successfully creating your wallet, purchase Smart Chain BNB by highlighting BNB and press the “buy” button. Purchase desired amount of BNB via debit card or bank account. BNB is the currency of the Binance Smart Chain and is necessary for purchases and fees.

3. Connect to Pancakeswap

On Pancakeswap, in the option menu, set slippage to 12%. Now you can swap BNB for Flokimooni. Once you’ve completed your swap, follow the instructions below to view Flokimooni in your wallet.

4. Exchange BNB for Flokimooni

On Pancakeswap set slippage to 12% in the option menu. Now you can swap BNB for Flokimooni. Once you’ve completed your swap follow the instructions below to view Flokimooni in your wallet.


Phase 1

Website Launched

Contract Deployment

Listing on Pancakeswap

Post-Launch Marketing

2000 Telegram Members

Phase 2


Coinmarketcap Listing

Coingecko Listing

2,000 Token Holders

Phase 3

User rewards program

Crypto Youtuber onboarding

Apple giveaway

10,000 Token Holders

Phase 4

Website V2

NFT genesis Collection Drop

Influencer / Celebrity onboarding

Massive donation to dog shelters/charities

50,000 Token holders

Phase 5

NFT MarketPlace

Dex Launch

Launchpad Platform

Play to Earn Game beta release

100,000 Token Holders

Join our welcoming community and be part of the project. We encourage all holders to  jump in and spread the word about Flokimooni. With the power of our dedicated team and loyal holders, Flokimooni can compete with any top tokens. Let’s go!!!



Total supply burned


Locked on Pancakeswap LP for 100 years



6% Marketing


3% Holders


1% Liquidity

Token Details

Enter the token address in the Trust Wallet search bar